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Claudy Beats was born on May 9, in Haiti, as Claudy Destin. He's a music producer, entrepreneur, and author. Known for collaborating and working with Mellow Rackz, Azazus, Bob Cailloux, Lika Osipova, Lillee Jean, Elysa V, and more.

He's best known for producing "WHIPLASH" by Azazus, "LI DROGE'M" by Bob Cailloux, I MOVE ON by Becky Pierre, and for collaborating with the very well known entrepreneur, creator Lillee Jean.

This Professional Mixing & Mastering Pack
contains preset files for the FL Studio Mixer. No more having the hassle of taking hours on trying to mix and master, simply drag and drop a file of open

It also contains My Official kick, 808, perc, snare, hihat, etc.

There is over 15 presets, these are the presets included: 808s, Bell Pads, Dark Synths, Dist Percs, HiHats, Kicks, Live HiHats, Live Shakers, Open Hats, Pads, Percs, Pianos. Snares,Synths, Synth Percs, Claudybeats Official Master (For Master ONLY)

What are you waiting for to buy my Mixing & Mastering Presets? Price increases very soon and I don’t want you to pay Triple this price

BONUS: My Go-to Sounds Kit, Producer tag Preset, My Own 808 & Kick Sidechain Preset

You will get the following files:
  • RAR (6MB)
  • ZIP (7MB)

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